Hello! My name is Kuba, I shall share some SIMS 3 creations here, they can consist of clothes, re-textures and some random stuff!

Feel free to request, but take in mind that I have a life too! And I won't always be able to get them finished, as some projects are harder than others! :3

Nuff sed..



  1. Hey Kuba! Just a question: Where's your cool washed ashore top gone? I wanna have it in game but don't find it on here anymore...
    oh and request: can't you just do a simple female top, sth like that:
    anyway, thanks!

    1. Sorry for not responding so long! I haven't had time to create so I didn't go on here! O.o

      Ooh, I took that top down, because of some issues, but I hope to fix it up soon! :D

      And I can so do that top! :D